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A group of overseas students are enjoying a two-day tour of some of Beijing"s most innovative companies to get a taste of the latest technology and the job opportunities on offer.

A group of overseas students enjoy a two-day tour of some of Beijing"s most innovative companies to get a taste of the latest technology and the job opportunities on offer. [Photo by Zou Hong/] 

The tour on Monday and Tuesday has been organized by the Beijing Overseas Talents Center and Beijing Association for Science and Technology as part of activities to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Hong Kong"s return to China.

The 18 students come from Hong Kong, Britain, Singapore, the Philippines and Pakistan, and all are participants in Hong Kong"s PolyU Innovation and Entrepreneurship Global Student Challenge.

In addition to experiencing the capital"s competitiveness in science and innovation, they also learned about Chinese culture by visiting historical relics.

"Hong Kong and Beijing have unique advantages for attracting talent, and more cooperation and communication between the two should be encouraged to build a bigger platform for the younger generation," said Liu Minhua, director of talent recruitment for the Beijing city government.

As China develops the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, the mainland will become a more popular destination for fresh graduates.

A group of overseas students enjoy a two-day tour of some of Beijing"s most innovative companies to get a taste of the latest technology and the job opportunities on offer. [Photo by Zou Hong/]  

"I"ve been to Shenzhen and Guangzhou (in Guangdong province) many times and seen the rapid economic development," said Cheung Tsz Kit, 23, a graduate of Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

He said many of his classmates want to find jobs in these southern cities, but the lack of careers counseling is an obstacle.

"Most universities don"t have job fairs specifically for positions at mainland companies. We lack information, including on the recruitment process and employee services for Hong Kong residents," Cheung said.

With the Belt and Road Initiative primed to boost regional development, students from countries along the Silk Road Economic Belt and 21st Century Maritime Silk Road are optimistic about a career in China.

"China is a superpower with great opportunities, not only compared with my country, but also other countries in the world," said Muhammad Salman, 28, of Pakistan, who is studying for a PhD in bioengineering at Beijing University of Technology.

"I"d like to find a job here after graduation. China is place of hope," he said.


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