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Women mourn the death of a relative after a commuter train traveling at high speed ran through a crowd of people on the rail tracks on Friday, outside a hospital in Amritsar, India, Oct 20, 2018. [Photo/Agencies]

AMRITSAR,India - India"s northern state of Punjab"s chief minister said 59 people were killed and 57 injured in a railway accident on Friday in which a train ran over scores of people gathered on the railway tracks for a festival in the city of Amritsar.

Declining to comment on the likely reasons behind the accident, Punjab Chief Minister Amarinder Singh told reporters on Saturday that an official inquiry into the accident was underway and was expected to be completed within four weeks.

A large crowd had formed near the tracks on the city"s fringe for the burning of effigies as part of a major Hindu festival on Friday when the train sped through the gathering in darkness, officials and witnesses said.

37 trains cancelled, several others diverted

Indian railway authorities Saturday cancelled 37 trains and diverted others after the accident.

"Due to Amritsar train tragedy on Amritsar-Manawala railway section, 27 passenger trains and 10 Mail Express trains have been cancelled," an official said. "Besides this 16 trains have been diverted."

Railway officials blame local authorities for the tragedy.

"The organizers and local authorities had not informed the railway officials about the event being held so close to the railway tracks," the railway official said.

The local government has described the incident as tragic and ordered an inquiry into the accident.

Meanwhile, state Chief Minister Amarinder Singh has reached Amritsar to visit injured in the hospitals and also to oversee the relief efforts.

Punjab is observing mourning on Saturday in the wake of the incident and all offices and schools have been closed.

Reports said the driver of the train has been detained and is being questioned by the police. The driver reportedly told police that he was given the green all-clear signal to move ahead and he had no idea that hundreds of people were standing on the tracks.

Reports said around 700 people were witnessing the effigy burning and over 300 were on the tracks.

The train that hit the crowds was travelling from Jalandhar to Amritsar city.

Angry residents blame the local government officials for the deaths.

Meanwhile condolence messages from world leaders are pouring in.

"My heart goes to all in Amritsar following Friday"s tragic accident. Earlier this month, I was honored to visit the Golden Temple and witnessed the warmth and generosity of the people. My deepest condolences to those who have lost family and loved ones," UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said in a statement.